What made us special in the first place?

An ability to play and sing together like no-one else

1999 saw the stunning arrival of Taxiride, four young Melbourne musicians who were to dominate Australian radio for the next 5 years.

Entering the charts at Number 1, their critically acclaimed multi-platinum debut album ‘Imaginate’ featured four top 20 singles; “Get Set”, “Everywhere You Go”, “Can You Feel” & “Nothing In This World”. That and a rigorous touring schedule had them perched at the top of the Australian music tree culminating in the release of their smash hit “Creepin’ Up Slowly”; the Number 1 Australian Airplay song for 2002 from their sophomore album ‘Garage Mahal’, also featuring the hit singles “How I Got This Way” and “Afterglow”.

With the original lineup of Jason Singh, Tim Watson, Tim Wild and Dan Hall joining forces once again, Taxiride are well and truly back.